This Privacy Policy describes what (personal) data is collected on my behalf and how I use it.

Who I Am

My name is Jim Offerman. I am the owner of this website. You may know me as the developer of Stable Orbit. My business registration is as follows:

Nijmegen, The Netherlands
KvK 63860686
VAT number NL001801712B58

If you have a question or complaint, please contact me at:

Data Collected On My Behalf

Website Analytics

I use Clicky to help me understand how people are navigating this website. Clicky removes the last octet of your IP address to ensure that all tracking is completely anonymous. You may review their privacy policy or opt-out of all tracking by Clicky.

Game Analytics

My games use custom metrics and services like Unity Analytics and Steamworks to track crashes, performance issues and gameplay statistics. All of this data is only available to me in aggregate form and cannot be traced back to individual users. I use the available data to improve my games and decide what features to work on next.


I use MailerLite to distribute my newsletter. When you subscribe to my newsletter, MailterLite stores your name and email address. MailerLite also tracks where and when you (re-)subscribed and how you have engaged with my newsletter. I use this data to only send you stuff that may be of interest to you.

You may, of course, unsubscribe yourself at any time using the personalised link found in the footer of each newsletter. For more details on how MailerLite uses your data, please review their privacy policy

Buyer location

Due to the 2015 VAT MOSS regulations, EU-based sellers require evidence of buyer location for all digital goods purchases. Buyer location is collected on my behalf by the digital storefronts that sell my games (i.e. Steam, etc). I do not have direct access to this information.

Data Access And Erasure

Under the GDPR, EU citizens have the right to access their personal data or have their personal data erased. I generally do not store any personal data myself. Nonetheless, if you wish to obtain a copy of your personal data or have it erased from my records, please contact me.

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