It’s me, Jim. This is my story. After fronting various bands in the early 2000s, I struck out on my own. I released my debut Life Baggage in 2005. The following year, I recorded a few songs from the album again with my then newly formed band for the EP Another DayThis Is Me, from that EP, still is the song that defines me – it is the creed I live by and the cornerstone of my sound with its big drums, truckloads of guitars and sweeping harmonies.

My next album Start Here (2009) was intended to be a career launcher. Life, it turned out, had other plans. In the run up to release, I met the love of my life and my career in game development picked up. While the record went on to be well received, I chose to take a break from music and focus on the other parts of my life for a while.

Now I am back!

I am back because, quite frankly, I love making music. I love turning little pick-me-ups and life lessons into songs and then dressing them up with my favorite instruments – vocals, piano, guitars and synthesizers. I love that I can now make music just for you, from my home in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

My new album Travel Back In Time unites the best of what I’ve made so far. It is out now!


Travel Back In Time

Jim Offerman

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