Jim Offerman

game developer & musician  


I am an independent game developer and singer/songwriter. I work and live in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, with my lovely wife Lobke and our baby daughter Dinte.

From my early teens onward, I alternately dreamt about running a game studio or becoming a recording artist. One dream led me to tour with my band and write and record a bunch of albums, the other dream landed me a job at Nixxes Software.

When, in 2010, I was offered the chance to lead the development of Deus Ex: Human Revolution (PC), I chose to fully embrace that path. In doing so, I learned a lot about leading teams and, along the way, developed a keen interest in the art of doing business.

Now, as an independent creator, I am no longer chosing one dream over the other. It's the combination of both things that makes me, well... me. Therefore, in addition to developing Stable Orbit, I am writing, rehearsing and - soon - recording new songs.

I’m passionate about games and music, obviously, but also about movies, books, photography, design and good food.


If you have a graphics problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find him... maybe you can hire...

Look no further! I'm an experienced freelance programmer who has contributed to major franchises. I have developed for all major platforms and have extensive experience with Unity, Unreal and various in-house engines. I posses a keen visual eye and can write both high- and low-level graphics code. If you have a graphics problem that needs solving, I’m happy to help!